The 15th anniversary!The long-established Rental-KIMONO
Shop in Arashiyama & the central city area in Kyoto




Q. Do I need to bring anything?

A. No. Just bring yourself. Because the necessities are all including in the set.
If you are worried about underwear, please bring camisole, camisole long, under-Yukata, petticoat or leggings etc., which underwear cannot be seen.
Also, please bring your collar's wide open shirt, patch etc., when it is cold and chilling hard

Q. I can’t make up my mind on what kind of kimono to wear.

A. Feel free to drop by and have a look at our massive collection.

Q. Please tell me the procedure of the reservation

A. We guide the flow of the reservation in the other page.
For more information please click here.
Process of Kimono Rental>>

Q. How long does it take until I’m ready to go?

A. It depends on how long you take to choose your favorite kimono, but the kimono dressing and hair set by experienced staff take about 15 min
※The busy season of spring and autumn is very crowded Please be aware of this and make sure you have plenty of time

Q. Can I add hairstyling service on the day?

A. Yes, you can add all the optional services including the hairstyling service on the day.
We prepare a lot of pretty hair accessories.

Q. Do you have kimonos to wear to weddings, parties, or other ceremonies?

A. We have kimonos ready for all occasions. We prepare Houmongi, Tomesode, Iromuji, Furisode as formal kimonos

Q. Do you have kimonos for children?

A. Yes. We have kimonos for 3 years-old and above

Q. I’m afraid I’m too tall (short) to wear a kimono?

A. Please tell us your height and we will find a kimono that fits you.

Q. Can I leave my clothes and luggage with you?

A. Yes, but only non-valuables.
We can deliver your luggage to your hotel for an additional charge.
Please ask us for more infomation.

Q. Do you have decorations and accessories? I can rent?

A. No worries. We have a great collection of them.

Q. What should I do with the kimono I rented overnight.

A. =You just leave it at the front desk the next morning. This is an optional service that must be requested in advance.

Around Arashiyama ¥1,000- (per person)
Other areas in Kyoto City ¥1,500- (per person)
※This service is only available within Kyoto City.

Q. How about booking cancellation? Is a cancellation fee required?

A. Please contact us at least one day before your reservation.
It won’t cost any cancellation charge even cancellation on the day
As an exception: In case of reservation for 10 persons or more, the cancellation fee 2000yen per person will be charged by reason of the arrangement of our dressing-staffs.Thank you for your understanding
Note) Please call us for reservation change and cancellation on the day in the unavoidable case.

Q. How about overdue fee?

A. On the day of rental, if you cannot return Kimono by 7 pm, we will charge 1,000 yen as additional charge.

Q. If I bring in my own kimono, could you dress me?

A. Please bring underwear, waist cords, tabi etc. all items that are needed.
If you need something in addition, we will ask for the rental fee. (Tabi are only for sale)
Please contact us for details.

Q. I’d like to buy a kimono.

A. We have great selection of kimonos and goods for wearing kimono including shawls, coats.
Please ask our staff about them.

Q. Please let me know the size of Kimono and Tabi you have

A. To our customer’s satisfaction, regardless of the men and women, we have various stocks ranging from large size to slim size such as kimono, tabi and geta.
(Of course, there are also sizes for children.)