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Process of Kimono Rental


Please let us know the date and the time that you prefer through the online reservation form or by phone.
You can make a reservation from PC and mobile internet devices.
※Online reservations are accepted up to two days in advance. Rservations by phone are accepted by the previous day
(Same-day reservation call is available. But we might not be able to accept to your request due to fully reserved.)

2.Come to our shop

Please come to Akahime our shop you booked on the day and the time you booked.

3.Select the Kimono & Obi

Please select your favorite kimono from our fine selection.
Akahime has regularly more than 1000 Kimonos


Experienced staffs of Akahime will dress you in the kimono and it is the dressing which is easy to walk and won't lose.

5.Hair styling

A hair styling service is optional.
We will style your hair that matches kimono
As much as you like, you can attach handmade hair ornament!

6.Let’s go for sightseeing!

Enjoy taking a walk in Kyoto!
Akahime Akahime shops have has good traffic accessibility, it is easy to go to any sightseeing spot!

7.Return Kimono

Please return the Kimono
"One-day Kimono Experience" it really makes you happy!